Dogs Gone Wild


Alison's gift with all animals is exceptional but with dogs, it is extraordinary! My 3 year old yellow lab, Lily, began her training with Alison at age 4 months and has been sat by Alison anytime we travel. Alison's influence is evident in Lily's well behaved manners and fun-loving attitude. My family feels very fortunate to have Dogs Gone Wild in Palm City and would not choose anyone to care for Lily except Alison.

MJ Decker

Allison has not only watched my 2 Westies Hannah and Winston,but has groomed them for several years.When I go out of town or on vacation I never have to worry she is the greatest. I know my dogs will get four star treatment. After all we don't call her Aunt Alison for nothing

Delphine Anderson

Thank you, Alison, for teaching me to teach my dog. We both had so much fun in class, he learned how to make friends, and I learned how to prevent him from bad habits and dangers! It was very important for me to find a great trainer in his puppy years, someone who uses gentle methods instead of fear and who can show me how to "speak dog." I think I found the best! I was amazed when you just stood there in class and looked at them, and they all sat around you in a circle. My boy is now all grown up, and everyone just loves him and tells me how well behaved he is! I have a hard time trusting anyone with my dog, but I do trust you! I know he is in good hands! You are an amazing teacher and person. Thanks again for everything

Ana S.

Alison does a great job grooming my Goldendoodle, Ginger. It�s obvious that Alison genuinely loves animals, and she always provides helpful advice about how to best care for my pet. I wouldn�t take Ginger anywhere else!


Alison Martz is so much more than a trainer and groomer. She is a caregiver for your loved ones. She is an honest and true friend. She is loving and committed, not only to her business, but also to her friends and family. I am proud to count her as one of my true friends and am fortunate to have her services for my pets. For over ten years, Alison has given me advice, trained me, and has groomed, trained and cared for my pets.

Amy Poulter

Alison has a keen understanding of dog behavior and body language. I would recommend Alison to anyone who wants to have a positive experience with training your dog. With her knowledge and guidance, dog owners learn to understand the importance of proper training and to ensure their animals become well adjusted members of their family. Alison always takes time to explain the "rationale" behind the dogs' behavior and why certain techniques work better than others.
The Treasure Coast is fortunate to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer available to assist in the development of its canine community. If you are looking for a fantastic trainer of both dogs and owners, I highly recommend my friend and colleague Alison Martz. It couldn�t be a better time to train your dog with Alison�s guidance and insight.

Jen Young

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